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Writing & Advocacy

A Writers Path

My mother used to talk about writing as a craft and I seem to have followed in her footsteps. Here's a little perspective on my path as a writer.

This I Believe

I'm opinionated.  Some of my writing over the years has reflected my views on a wide range of subjects. 

I'm the product of a mixed marriage.  My father was an Eisenhower Republican; Mom was a Southern Democrat. While I was working at the Evansville Press I wrote a piece -- can't remember what it was about exactly -- but I remember a time when a male reader came the stairs to the newsroom and looked for me.  He had something to say. The gist of his communication was this:

"You write like a woman."

I'm more like to describe myself as a Gawd Awful Librul Democrat, but actually, it's more complicated than that.  Here's more about "where I come from."


Politics today are infected by a problem that doesn't get enough attention.  Big money and gerrymandering -- they are huge issues.  But an even bigger problem -- the source of much of "silo" effect we have today and "fake news" can be attributed to the "Angertainment" Industry.  More about "Angertainment" here.

Global Warming/Climate Change

Climate change is the biggest challenge facing humanity today.  I'm a trained Climate Reality program leader.  More about that here.

Cost of Incarceration

The US leads the world in some unfortunate ways.  The huge number of people in jails and prisons is a good example.  Not only do we lock people up, we burden them with debt: fines, dmv tickets and more fines, back child support, prison charges (for-profit prisons can actually bill prisoners on release for the cost of incarceration). Released prisoners my have many thousands of dollars in debt.  And what are their job prospects?  

I led a personal financial planning class -- The Money Class -- for men at a halfway house in Newark for several years.  Based on that experience, I wrote The richest Man in New Babylon, a self-help book that provides "rules" that can help anyone facing huge personal finance challenges. More here.

The Fistula Foundation

If you want to support an international organization that saves women's lives and makes the world a better place, join me in supporting The Fistula Foundation.

Gun Violence

On average, more than 90 people are killed by guns every day in the US. Sensible gun control.  Please.